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Antique Cabinets Antique Cabinets Cabinet making is an art and this is no better reflected than in the wonderful antique cabinets available to purchase. There are a delightful number of antique cabinets to choose from, including display cabinets, bedside cabinets, filing cabinets, table cabinets, bookcase cabinets, corner cabinets, music cabinets, cocktail cabinets, wine cabinets and office cabinets, as well as hanging wall cabinets. Antique cabinets tend to be glass fronted with internal shelves and drawers. A good space saving item of furniture for any home is that of the antique corner cabinet. Antique cabinets are a variable item of antique furniture with lots of styles and designs from different periods to choose from. History of Cabinets The earliest type of cabinets were designed to store papers and valuables and were used as a surface to write on before the bureau evolved. Cabinets were the result of the realization that drawers at the front of a chest may be more practical than access through the top, and that raising the chests height also meant you did not have the inconvenience of having to bend down to access the drawers. Early cabinets tend to have been mounted upon a stand, these types of cabinets came into existence in the late 16th C and early 17th C and were likely to be an item of furniture possessed only by the wealthy, often imported from Europe; namely Italy and Germany. Cabinet making was a result of very good craftsmanship and the cabinet-maker was highly regarded in the field of woodwork due to the skills involved, such as inlaying, marquetry, veneering and carving.

Hoosier Cabinet Hardware

Many Ohio homeowners are asking for a timeless kitchen design. White Cabinetry White kitchen cabinets are a well-established tradition dating back to New England and the Cape. Today, white cabinets are no longer just found in cottages along the coast but are implemented in traditional or contemporary design across the U.

A Hoosier cabinet is a table with a hutch. The hutch has shelves inside cupboards, or metal sifters for flour. The ones I have seen do not always have a matching top and bottom. The looks range.

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By Kate Miller-Wilson Antique Collector Since late 19th and early 20th century kitchens rarely featured enough built-in cabinetry to hold baking supplies and other necessities, the Indiana-based Hoosier Cabinet Co. These cabinets, produced by Hoosier as well as a number of other manufacturers, were designed to make kitchen work more efficient for the busy women of this era. Today, they are attractive and useful collectibles and are extremely popular with antiques enthusiasts.

Where to Buy a Hoosier-Style Cabinet If you’re looking for an antique baking cabinet, you have a number of shopping options, both off and online.

Hoosier Cabinet Hardware Sellers Boone Napanee and Others » Hinges for Hoosier Cabinets, Sellers, McDougall and others» Flour Sifter Bowls Cranks and Hardware for Hoosiers» Knobs and Handles for Hoosier, Sellers and Others» Label Name Plates for Hoosier Cabinets Boone Sellers and Other Brands.

Above and below left are engravings from the book. Photo courtesy eBay seller zalocs. This was posted at Antique Trader https: How many cookbooks do you have stashed away? You may not consider yourself a collector of these, but I know you have some. Whether they were purchased, inherited or given to you as a gift, they are accumulating on a shelf in your home. Then, there are the rest of us who collect, read, cherish and perhaps even create cookbooks … and assign each one a value.

The day auction started at 99 cents; it soon went into the hundreds and in the final day more than doubled to that fantastic sum. This book is a treasure. Price guides and websites abound for vintage cookbooks. My recent tracking of online auctions and price lists has uncovered factors which generally turn up the bidding heat. Professionally Published Cookbooks The value increases if the book is a first edition, in excellent condition, was published before , contains elaborate and colorful covers with many period photographs and quaint illustrations, contains specific recipes with both lists of ingredients and preparation instructions, and also contains additional cultural or historical information regarding the cuisine, cooks or recipes.

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New Haven Clock Company

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If you send me a picture of your “Hoosier” cabinet, I’ll post it on this page for all who visit to appreciate. Include the Manufacturer, Model, year of Production (if known), along with your first name and last initial.

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Small Reproduction Hoosier Cabinets

Named for their origin in Indiana, the Hoosier state, the cabinets were a modern variation of a 19th-century baker’s cabinet design, and some late Hoosier cabinets adopted a contemporary art deco appearance. Knowledge of the Hoosier cabinet’s history can help an antique buyer know whether a particular cabinet is a Hoosier-style cabinet, whether it is authentically “Hoosier” and whether it falls into the late art deco period of Hoosier cabinet development.

Baker’s Cabinets Baker’s cabinets were an answer to the problem of kitchens that typically did not have adequate work surfaces and storage spaces.

Style: Hoosier cabinets have distinct features like a deep lower compartment for pots and pans, a porcelain workspace or shelf in the middle, and a shallow upper cabinet, according to eHow. It should have built-in pieces like flour sifters, spice racks, dish racks, and drawers lined with tin for bread.

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There are many suggestions for the derivation of the word, but none is universally accepted. Scholarship[ edit ] In , Meredith Nicholson wrote The Hoosiers, an early attempt to study the etymology of the word as applied to Indiana residents. Dunn traced the word back to the Cumbrian hoozer, meaning anything unusually large, derived from the Old English hoo as at Sutton Hoo , meaning “high” and “hill”. The importance of immigrants from northern England and southern Scotland was reflected in numerous placenames including the Cumberland Mountains , the Cumberland River , and the Cumberland Gap.

A letter by James Curtis cited by Dunn and others as the earliest known use of the term was actually written in , not Similarly, the use of the term in an newspaper item quoting an diary entry by Sandford Cox was more likely an editorial comment and not from the original diary.

Hoosier Cabinets By Philip D. Kennedy Pages, /2″ x 11″ Softbound This book is the one to get if you’re looking for information about “Hoosier Cabinets”. Philip D. Kennedy has included the history, original magazine ads and sales literature for Hoosier, Sellers, Napanee, McDougall, Boone and .

Kennedy Description from the back cover of the book This book is for anyone who owns a “hoosier” cabinet, is trying to find one, or is planning to restore one. It is about the kitchen cabinets sold from the turn of the century to the s and the companies that made them. The major brands of kitchen cabinets covered in this book include: Many old magazine advertisements for kitchen cabinets are included in this book, some dating back to These advertisements can prove invaluable when attempting to identify or date old cabinets.

There are also many photographs of restored cabinets that will help you to identify old kitchen cabinets. The final section of this book is about restoring old kitchen cabinets. It tells you how to strip, repair, and refinish “Hoosier” cabinets. Many of the tips and techniques we have learned while restoring Hoosier and other brands of cabinets are included. Hoosier Book W. Use the paypal “Buy This” link at the top of this page. If you prefer, simply email me and I’ll send you a request for the money that you can pay via your credit card.

Thanks and enjoy the book!

Hoosier Cabinet Hardware

In addition, an enamel, pull-out work surface also featured a roll-down tambour door that could be closed to hide clutter when not in use. Today, an antique Hoosier cabinet is a delightful find for vintage enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates well-made, functional furniture. These versatile cabinets can be adapted and used practically anywhere in your home. The cabinet can also be refinished to blend in with a variety of decorating styles. Using a Hoosier in a Vintage Kitchen A Hoosier cabinet will fit perfectly in a vintage country or cottage-style kitchen.

A Hoosier cabinet (also known as a “Hoosier”) is a type of cupboard or free–standing kitchen cabinet that also serves as a workstation. It was popular in the first few decades of the 20th century, since most houses did not have built–in kitchen cabinetry.

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Hazel-Atlas Glass Company (1902-1964)

If this is the case for you, consider adding a Hoosier cabinet for additional storage. A Hoosier cabinet, which was commonly used during the early s, features many amenities, including a flour sifter, slide-out counter, and several different-sized compartments for ease of storage for many of your most commonly-used items. A Hoosier kitchen cabinet is relatively small, measuring around 2-feet deep and 4-feet wide, making it ideal for small spaces that require additional storage solutions for cooking ingredients and supplies.

About Hoosier Cabinets You like to have a place for everything and everything in its place, but looking around your small kitchen, you do not have any more room. If this is the case for you, consider adding a Hoosier cabinet for additional storage.

Privately owned and operated business. AntiqueAholics stock and run this store. For most the only way to know the difference is if the cabinet still maintains the original paper or metal tag. Also did you know its predecessor was what is called a Baker’s Cabinet, sometimes called possum bottom, because of the rounded bins on the bottom, which held sugar and flour? Now for some photos and ad’s of hoosier style cabinets. These will show you the many different styles that were developed and available, plus many different sizes including additional cabinets to tie in the mix.

Now for some history. Loaded with labor and time-saving conveniences, the Hoosier cabinet was among the earliest design innovations of the modern American kitchen. This culinary workstation allowed owners to maintain an efficient and clutter-free kitchen by centralizing utensils, cookware, tools, and ingredients all the while providing a space in which to prepare the meals of the day.

The base section usually has one large compartment with a slide-out shelf , and several drawers to one side.

Antique Hoosier Cabinets

The New Haven Clock Company was one of the primary clock makers of the s. The beautiful clocks that the company created are still sought after by collectors. Several clock makers joined together in to supply the company with clock movements. New Haven Clock Company was created for this purpose.

Hoosier Cabinet Features. What sets Hoosier cabinets apart from earlier baker’s cabinets is the inclusion of carefully designed storage space and the addition of accessories and features intended.

I love the style of new furniture that looks antique, but I love the real thing even more. I think my fondness for these old things comes from knowing they have a rich history. On a recent antique store expedition, I found a small Hoosier-style cabinet. I had Ken look at it to make sure it was sturdy, but immediately made plans to refinish it. Another thing I love about antiques: I came home and researched my happy little find.

I even found the patent number on a little metal plate inside a drawer, so I looked that up and found the original patent information.

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