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I still remember the feeling of coming back from my first solo backpacking trip, and walking around without a backpack. Like something was missing. Discomfort, poorly designed features, dangly straps, sizing issues, and all manner of nonsense have thwarted my path at every turn. But I refuse to let them get away with rant-free ease. Other options like duffel bags or school backpacks exist as well, but these are rarely suitable for round-the-world travel. The problem s with hiking backpacks: Hiking packs have all sorts of compression straps and attachment points. Top loaders usually use a drawstring opening, which offers no security whatsoever against unscrupulous hostel bunkmates. The carry-on max of 45 liters is plenty!

Turtle Beach Ear Force DSS2 Dolby Surround Sound Processor $49.99 at Amazon w FS

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Turtle beach X12, Turtle beach XLA, and the Triton Trigger. My goal was to find the highest quality gaming headset for under $50 that provided chat and game sound. Similar hook up to Xbox (RCA cables with optional chat wire to Xbox controller) Still with me, OK. Let’s get on to the ://

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I could not have been more wrong. Now I do want to say that as far as performance and quality is concerned these are great headphones – awesome volume, crystal clear audio. Reminds me if when I first bought my PX22s. However, I could have strangled someone with the PX22s adapter and still had enough cord leftover to jump rope with. But with the PX24s adapter I can’t even lean back in my chair and relax because of how short the cords are.

And that’s kind of a fuckin’ problem for me.

Set up and use your Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

Along with Astro, Turtle Beach is one of the most well-respected names out there because of the quality of products it brings to the market. But, what may throw you off is how light the headset is. Turtle Beach rebuilt this headset from the ground up to ensure that it was light enough for long gaming sessions.

 ·  · Review: The Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 gaming headset works with both the Xbox and PS3, giving gamers an audible edge with top-notch sound quality and. How to hook up the Turtle Beach headset for PS3 One of the most enjoyable aspects of playing video games is listening to the sound effects, music and voices ://

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Chat using video for help with video chat, see Video Kinect on Xbox Charge and connect your wireless headset Step 1: Charge your headset Note Charge your wireless headset overnight before you use it the first time. To charge with a USB charging cable Connect one end of the headset charging cable to your wireless headset. Plug the other end of the charging cable into a USB port on your Xbox console.

Turtle beach x12 and Windows 10 samanthadocekal Jan 29, , PM I have owned my turtle beach x12 headset for a long while now and I used them hundreds of times on my previous

Most Turtle Beach headsets are designed to work with a computer, but they can also work with some game consoles using a special adapter. The headset connects directly to your computer’s sound card, and the included amplifier lets you control every part of your audio experience, whether you are playing a game, watching a movie or listening to your favorite songs. Connect the plug at the end of the multi-pin amplifier to the jack attached to the headset.

Some headset models may already have the amplifier attached to the headset. Plug the colored audio jacks into the corresponding ports on your computer’s sound card. Some headsets have only a green jack and a pink one, while others have green, orange, pink and black jacks. Your computer will detect the headset and install drivers for the device automatically. Right-click on the “Speaker” icon in the taskbar, then click “Playback Devices.

Turtle Beach X12

That itself is a massive plus point given that most headsets are one platform or the other, especially when it comes to the current crop of consoles. The main reason behind this is the universal 3. You see, connecting the 3. The newer Xbox One pads do, thanks to having a 3.

The above Turtle Beach PS4™ gaming headsets are designed to connect to the Optical Out audio jack found on the original PS4™ and new PS4™ Pro, and will be affected by the new, slimmer PS4™ console’s lack of an Optical Out audio ://

While I had been using these type of headsets for my between without any problem, after I built my first PC in there were a string of problems for the new platform. The line is marketed as being cross platform, but is primarily for Xbox When I plugged my x11 headset to my new PC there was this terrible screeching noise. The usb amp connected to the headset overloaded and was never the same again.

After I connected it back to my it would still overheat — normally it would be room temp — but at that point it was pretty much dead. They were in very good condition, seriously, then the amp blew up without a bang. I should’ve unplugged them immediately after I heard the noise and forgot about hooking them up to my PC ever again after that. I called their customer support and they didn’t do jack shit.

They blamed it on my computer. After liking the X11s for and not seeing a better choice, back in I got X12s. I’ve uploaded a few Let’s Plays to my youtube channel, but my capture software playlists are more interesting. Testing different emulators with different codecs, bitrates, render methods, etc. I found that Dxtory doesn’t like recording OpenGL rendered games. For nearly all my recordings I’ve used the X12s.

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Have you always had to choose between sound whoring or better faster picture quality??? Click your headset to see the pairing instructions: Well I was thinking of getting one of these at the local FYE but i don’t really know what it does and if you have to set it up how to do that. I recently purchased my first set of Turtle Beach headsets X for my Xbox.

 · How Do Turtle Beach Headsets Hook Up Monitor Your Cell Phone or Tablet Manage Calls, Track text messages, Read emails, Track GPS Location, Monitor Internet Use, Access Calendar and Address Book, Read Instant Messages, Control Apps and Programs, View Multimedia Files, Remote Control, Analyze It, Feel Supported

I did a ton of research on gaming headsets before settling on this one. What was most important to me was: Also, I was worried about all the reviews that complained about interference on the 2. Also, most of the wireless headsets can’t recharge batteries while playing except Tangos , and require you to always have charged batteries on hand – this sounded like too much of a headache for me.

I went with the DXL1 because it was the least expensive wired headset with surround sound. After about 15 hours of use, I can say I’m fairly satisfied with my purchase. Set up was straight forward, but keep in mind that this setup requires a lot of cables. First you have to connect the usb cable, and the optical audio cable, from the back of the Xbox to the DSS2, then a single cable runs to the sound control dongle which is where you control game volume, chat volume, and can mute the mic , then one cable runs from the dongle to the headset and another from the dongle to the controller.

For those not keeping count, that is 5 separate cables. This can make storage an issue when you try to wrap all that cable up and shove it into your TV stand. Most people aren’t going to disconnect the cables every time, so it all ends up in a big bunch that sits on top of the Xbox.

how can i connect my x12 turtle beaches to my acer aspire

Posted on 03 May 12 at Pros – Customization is great, if you need it to be louder behind you, you can turn up the rear channel. If you need it louder in front, turn up the front channel.

Reviews. Turtle Beach Earforce X12 Headset. July 1, , Author: Trent Pyro Sound. So often sidelined when reviewing games, yet it’s amazing how much difference it can make to an

Twitter Advertisement Titanfall is here on Xbox One, Xbox , and PC; shooter fans the world over are enjoying the game and all it has to offer. Is it just a basic headset with some Titanfall branding and a premium price tag, or does it deliver the quality sound which Turtle Beach is known for? It could be you! Ever since Turtle Beach released the Ear Force X1 headset , gamers have been jumping on the bandwagon.

The biggest advantage the Titanfall Atlas headset has over these is the flexibility, with support for PC, iPhone, and consoles. So how does it fare in that regard? The recently-released adapter for the Xbox One controller is also included, for which you will need to download a firmware update that just takes a couple of minutes. Overall, while the slew of included cables is a little confusing, it comes with helpful guides you need to figure out the process of hooking everything up.

Specifications Before we talk about comfort and the experience of using the Titanfall Ear Force Atlass is, we need to look at the hard numbers, because when it comes to headsets, the specifications will provide some insight on what to expect.

How to hook up turtle beaches to your ps4

I hope so, because having to buy a new adaptor is cost prohibitive. As is shown there, the use of an Xbox One adapter is suggested. However, as your controller has the 3. Here’s the cable you’ll need: Once you have the cable, simply plug the 2.

 · okay so i just bought the x12 turtle beach headsets, and im having trouble setting them up I have an audio out slot on my tv, and the old xbox /help-xturtle-beach-hdmi-setup

Now switch to chat and turn volume to max. You should now be able to control game audio via headset wheel without party members hearing echo and static on your end Now, I have no idea how to do this lol, and neither do my mates. Please someone here tell me you understand this guys directions, and maybe talk me through it step by step, button press by button press like a toddler lol.

This is driving me nuts Cheers Enlisted: Then, you can use the MS headphone adaptor so it is only dealing with chat. The adaptor has 2 buttons on the left that control the balance between chat and game.

X12 headset echo on the XboxOne

Turtle Beach is well known for their quality audio and chat products across gaming systems, and the XO Fours have been no exception to the lineup. After plugging in the included USB cord, chat adapter, and detachable microphone into my controller to update it through the console, the headset was good to go. So while cumbersome, the adapter actually adds a small level of convenience to the XO Fours.

The tweaks in design are overall a step in the right direction and allowed for an even more immersed experience while I gamed, but I wish I could customize the headset a bit more, or had a variety of color combinations to choose from to make it feel more like my headset rather than a demo one. Unfortunately after a few days of non-use, it seems one of the speakers has gone out or suffers from incredibly low volume.

turtle beach x12 free download – Turtle Beach TBS/TBS Driver, Turtle Beach Montego A3DXstream Drivers, Turtle Beach Tahiti Install, and many more programs

This wireless headset will give users a gaming advantage by experiencing superior and clear sound for hearing footsteps and gun battles for games like Call of Duty or Battlefield on PS4, PS3 or Xbox It will also let users experience movies in a similar environment as a theater all through a headset. The Ear Force PX4 lets users enjoy gaming, movies and music comfortably through a realistic audio experience. The reason to get the Ear Force PX4 is that Turtle Beach headsets have always been on the forefront of gaming for their audio technology and thirty-five years of audio experience.

They are dedicated on providing the perfect gaming headset that delivers pristine audio, wireless functions, sound customization, and much more to improve the gaming experiences of their customers. All I had to do was plug in the PX4 wireless transmitter, hold down the pairing button on the transmitter until you see a blue light blinking rapidly.

How to hook up turtle beach x12 to xbox 360